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Welcome to Frigid North Customs, the exclusive owner of Illumiflaps and customs wood and glass gifts. We are very excited to share our amazing Illumiflaps with you.


Being the exclusive company to produce custom lighted mud flaps known as Illumiflaps is one of the best products you can add to your car, truck, SUV or even Semi to add that custom style that your vehicle has been missing. In this day and age, everyone is adding some sort of LEDs to their vehicle whether it is LED headlights to see better in the dark to underglow.  Our Illumiflaps give you both in one, they are made with LEDs that will last season after season, and also giving you the underglow except it is shown off to everyone else behind you rather than just a color on the ground. 

Our shop is based around our laser machine which has made many amazing different products made from wood and engraving on glass. You can find many of our products in our shop. If you are looking for something that we do not sell in our shop, please just send us an email to and we will do our best to accommodate. 


Frigid North Customs was founded in 2013 by Amanda Gustafson in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Yes, Fairbanks, Alaska of all places was where this crazy idea was thought up. It was actually thought up by my husband many years before we met, but besides the set that he made for his truck that was about as far as the idea went. When I found the set he made years ago, my eyes lit up. I was so so excited and asked him if he could put them back together by my birthday. When my birthday finally came around and he installed them on my truck, my truck was very known all around town. I convinced him that this idea could be huge, thus Frigid North Customs opened. 

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them for you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Amanda Gustafson

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