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Frequently asked questions


Would you be able to make a "blank" design on the Illumiflaps?

Of course each "blank" is what ever design you specificaly are asking. We can do just about any personal or customized design that you can think of. With every design we will do some tweaking for it to work with our Illumiflaps. Every design is finalized and approved by you before each Illumiflaps are made. Trademarks or copyrighted images may or may not be approved Frigid North Customs reserves the right to refuse to services to anyone

Would you be able to copyrighted or trademarked images?

If you would like a copyrighten or trademarked image we would need to get permission from the owner of the image in order to use it on our product. This process might take a bit of time and could still result in us unable to use their image on our product.

How do I order custom Illumiflaps?

1. go to 2. Fill out the form with the required information, under 'Ideas for your design' this where you can either write out what you would like or upload an image of what you would like. 3. After filling out all the needed information click the Submit button, this will take you to check out page for the $20 non-refundable design fee paymnet. This payment is required in order to start on the design and to submit the form. This fee will be deducted from your final price. 4. Once you approve the design we made, the unpaid balance will need to be paid before we go ahead with making the final product. 5. Once your Illumiflaps are completed we will email you a photo of how they look. Every pair of Illumiflaps are tested multiple times before leaving our shop. Please see Illumiflaps Warranty for more information on the warranty of our Illumiflaps.

Do you do Illumiflaps for semi/tractor trailers?

We can do Illumiflaps for trucks/SUVs, duallies, and tractor tractors. At this time we only offer flaps in our black rigid plastic, which has very little flex. To order Illumiflaps for trucks, SUV's or dually please see our order custom illumiflaps from our menu. To order illumiflaps for tractor trailers please contact us at

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