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80 MPH Illumiflaps

As the wife of the inventor of Illumiflaps, I want to show people how amazing our Illumiflaps are, and flying off our truck at 80 miles an hour then get run over by the semi-truck that was right behind me, I was without a doubt that they would be busted.

Let me give you a small back story to understand how this even happened in the first place. I was in town here in Idaho and I noticed my front Illumiflap lost two screws and was holding on by one. I thought to myself 'it looks like it would hold just till I get home (45 minutes away lol). I actually do get fairly close to our exit for our house. I go to pass two semi-trucks since they can only go 70 MPH and the one in the back starts to pass the first just after I do. Yet once I get ahead I hear a loud rattle just under my feet and my heart sank. I just knew my Illumiflap that was loose was about done holding on and was not going to make it to the house. I hear it rip off and look in my side mirror and see the dang thing fly out from under my truck and right in front of the semi-truck that was behind me and he hits it and I was sure it was out of commission.

I thought to myself that I had nothing to lose to at least turnaround and go get it just to see how bad it was. Throughout the past, we have tested our Illumiflaps in car washes, 40 below zero weather in Fairbanks, Alaska, froze them in a bucket of water, 120 degrees in Arizona, and in all these cases they continued to work. Once I finally got back to the area where it had fallen off I found it and got it in the truck. I got home shortly after and hooked up the Illumiflap. Parts of the corners were broken off and a few of the border rivets were rubbed enough to no longer be black, and the quick disconnect wires were bare wire but still intact. After inspecting the entire Illumiflap I plugged it into a test battery to see how bad it was going to look. Amazingly it worked and did not look like any lights went out at all, I was stunned but relieved.

Being as this was not a planned test but turned out to be an amazing one, I wanted to make sure our customers fully understood how awesome these illumiflaps are, even after getting ripped off a truck and ran over by a semi-truck the dang thing still worked just had some cosmetic damage. Even though the illumiflap had some cosmetic damage I was able to get it back to a good-looking mud flap and without hearing this story you would probably never know.

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